Premium SLA Business Services

This option includes Network Security support for any business who requires the most extensive support whiles connection to multiple locations but is unwilling to invest in onsite staff.  We offer reliable connectivity via VSAT, Fibre or Microwave technology for your guaranteed service at all times.

Choose a sustained full duplex connection with scalability.  We are able to connect multiple locations for your business. You can also use us as a back-up or a point-to-point link between your office and ComSys Data Centre. 

Multiple connectivity options

Available options for connectivity include Fibre, VSAT or Microwave.

Unlimited data transfer

We guaranteed unlimited usage contracted bandwidth plus end-to-end back bone connectivity security


Enjoy standard service support from our pool of experienced network engineers 24/7

Varied speeds

We offer any speed on Fibre, Microwave or VSAT for this option

Fully redundant

Our network is built to be resilient, looped and seamlessly integrated to ensure 99.9% uptime.

Advanced Support

We provide a fully billable extensive network support.