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Business Internet / WAN Packages

Yes. Contact our sales team today for any further clarification.

This depends on the location and complexity of installation. Please contact our sales team to begin discussions.

An installation fee applies based on survey and with affordable recurrent costs per month . Contact our sales team for an accurate estimate.


YES. We offer both and it is a recommended option for businesses that have diverse hosting needs.

Category: Co-location


Category: Co-location

Email & Collaboration

Yes. You can access all your favorite Zimbra features from almost any device via a Web browser.

Yes. Comsys provides custom on-boarding to address client concerns.

Managed Cloud

Comsys data center is located on site at our Head Office in Asylum Down, Accra.

Category: Managed Cloud

Shared Hosting gives customers an affordable option for hosting websites and applications. Customers share resources on a single server including RAM and CPU. The sharing allows Comsys to keep the pricing low for all clients.

Cloud Hosting on the other hand provides dedicated resources to clients with high-performance websites and applications. Comsys cloud services uses virtualization technology. This means that though multiple clients reside on a single typical server, they do not share resources.  Cloud hosting also allows for faster scalability when traffic trends change and more granular billing.

Category: Managed Cloud

SIP Trunking

This depends on various factors including the size of your internet link. Generally, this service uses very little bandwidth.

Category: SIP Trunking

A PABX uses trunking to send and receive calls. A SIP trunk provides this service by using the internet (IP) rather than the traditional telephony system. SIP trunks are usually faster, easier to use and less expensive.

Category: SIP Trunking

Web Hosting

We recommend that most clients start with shared hosting unless they have a firm idea of their resource needs and traffic fluctuations. Comsys offers clients a clear path to our more robust cloud and colocation services as their business evolve. We will gladly make recommendations if you would like to contact our sales team.

Category: Web Hosting

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