SIP Service

Freedom. ComSys lets you choose any standard SIP (VoIP) phone, and we don’t lock them with proprietary software. If you have phones, bring them. If you don’t, we’ll help you get them. Mix and match desk phones and softphones if you like. The phones are yours. Oh, and we offer a free web phone. Carpe diem.

SIP Addressing & SIP Hosting

Each of our end users gets a SIP address of their choosing. In fact, even features like voice mailboxes and On Net Conference Suites get their own unique SIP address. Through our feature we call SIP domain hosting, users can set their SIP address to match any preferred email address of their choosing. Anyone can call you by punching in your SIP address into his or her phone.

Free SIP-to-SIP calling

Making calls to and from SIP addresses is absolutely free. SIP to SIP calls that do not dip into the PSTN at any point use the Internet for sending the media streams, meaning that users are already paying for them when they pay their Internet bills. ComSys will also automatically recognize SIP address aliases so if a user is dialing a number that actually corresponds to a SIP address, that call will also be free.


Wide Compatibility Range

As a service that is entirely based on SIP, we can take advantage of how versatile and flexible the technology is. This is the reason why users can bring any SIP phone to our service. This is the reason why our users have been getting HD voice on their HD capable SIP phones since the hardware was released. This is also the reason why we can say that we support additional media types such as video, and more.