Domain Name Services

ComSys provides extensive domain services to facilitate the registration of domain names under all TLDs and the management of your domain name portfolio. We make it possible for you to register and manage your global domain name portfolio in one secure and easy-to-use location. Our team analyzes your domain portfolio and creates a tailor-made solution for your company.

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates enable data exchange between the server and a computer to be accessed. BrandShelter offers a variety of SSL certificates from various vendors. Whatever your level of need for certificates, BrandShelter offers a solution.

  • Secure your Internet communications
  • Clear identification for your website
  • Protect your data from being accessed by third parties!

Brand TLD

Create relevant domains with a custom extension for your brand. We can provide end-to-end support from concept to Golive, including the technical registry operation tailored to your needs. Allow us to keep you informed about the new TLD application windows of ICANN.

  • Consultation and design of your very own TLD
  • Application submission to ICANN
  • Assistance with technical implementation

Domain Security

Our reliable systems and various security settings ensure that your domain portfolio is safe with ComSys. We collaborate with reputable partners to analyze and provide security solutions. We care for your domains as if they were our own.

  • Default auto renewal policy for all managed domain names
  • Super locks of domains where permitted at the registry
  • 24/7 crisis management with less than 1 hour response time

Domain Registration

ComSys provides a worldwide domain registration service under all ccTLDs and new TLDs. Our web interface allows the centralized management and consolidation of your entire domain portfolio in one user-friendly application. We offer regular workshops on the topic of domain registration, portfolio management, and strategy implementation.

  • Global domain registration
  • Assignment of domains to trademarks, groups and departments
  • All new TLDs offered

Domain Acquisition

Some registries require a local contact address as a part of their registration requirements. To fulfill these special requirements, ComSys offers Local Presence Services. This service is only one of ComSys acquisition services:

  • Automated registration of dropped domains (snapback / backorder services)
  • Anonymous purchase of domain names on customer’s behalf
  • Extensive anonymous registration services for domains

DNS Services

ComSys offers both analysis and troubleshooting in DNS zones as well as solid solutions for your domains. With many years of experience in providing DNS solutions to our clients, we understand that your DNS solution must be reliable and secure.

  • Redundant DNS systems in geographically different locations
  • Real-time updates on DNS
  • Responsive technical team to ensure up-time